Gypsy Safari

Ranthambore’s Jeep Safari allows for a jungle tour that accommodates six people as the Jeep is a six-seater vehicle. Most people derive the best experience of viewing with the Jeep.

This vehicle is considered one of the best options is most preferred and is suitable for wildlife photography. Core enthusiasts of wildlife always prefer to take a jeep safari rather than a canter.

One of the principal reasons for that is because Jeep can traverse narrow places and easily can trail wild animals without making noises. Therefore, your chances of spotting the tiger get better. Moreover, you get the closest view of wildlife.

Also, few seats within a jeep denote that your family and friends can book all seats for trailing the wildlife according to your wish. This booking can be made within the allotted slot of time and zone. Safari of the Jeep is organized in double shifts, and per turn seventeen vehicles are allowed.

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